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Dream Time


See how she dances for me

Like branches of embrace

Touching in the wind

I feel vapors of the sea breeze

O infinite and liquid desert that denies

Like kisses from afar

Swirling now about my inner eye


Tis’ Winter now at this incline

Chill wind to awaken the senses

The autumn leaves scattered long ago

The vermillion fever buds yet but a premonition

Now the dance must consume before hearth and fire

Entwining paths of embrace in the darkened folds of long nights

Close your eyes in this warm dark and you can see entire worlds


Dream time

Each night a pageant of imagining

…and the Mage all a merging

Gifts from some other place


Of the Goddess breath of myth

While stars wheel above the slumbering

And pine bowers sway

In their moonlit way


Sometimes the dreams come from afar

South of the tropic

Where summer heat hath burrowed so fine

And the Goddess dances like the saltine seas

Each undulating curve

Like a wave


And impresses

Like jeweled toes in soft sands

Footprint tapestries of the swaying siren

A Calligraphy born of the desire to move

And the waving waters of the lagoon

That float the flesh as if in a dream

Lapping the slope and rippled curve

Waves upon waves

Underwater Undulations

Thusly wrap the sun so watery upon her forms

Like two branches brushing in a dream


And so I awake to make what art I can

To echo but a fraction of this bliss

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