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Inspiration: Where does it come from?

Since antiquity, Artists have had a mysterious relationship with the source of their art. There is no unified field theory for creativity, not yet anyway. Inspiration comes and goes, waxes and wanes in its intensity and forms. August 2007 was a very inspiring month for me and it has me reflecting the source if it all. Clicking on this image will take you to a large version uploaded onto my flickr sight.


 So Silent You Can Hear the Earth Breathe  22 x 50 archival inkjet print


Here are words from the script on this piece.

Awaiting your return
Stilled with anticipation
So silent you can hear the earth breathe
So still
Let the warmth of memory arise
I cannot grow cold
Even in the dark of night
So pure the light of dawn
When the light will strike me yet again
Her warm invisible hands
Slowly melting the stone in my heart

I am not my art
I am not my words
I am not my face

I am all of this

I am unknowable

The ancient Greeks created the idea of the muse, a female personification of this vector of creativity that pushes its way into our minds. I suppose there can be male muses too.  'Will she come or will she go now?' The line from the classic punk rock song by the clash comes to mind. Perhaps it was fickle nature of love and human relationships that inspired this association. In fact the triangle between creativity, love and sexuality describes a territory of wonder beauty and mystery. The Creative fire of art and love intertwine in myth and in our daily lives and if you let it, these experiences can transcend from mere emotion and experience into the realm of art.   Right now I like to think of this creative life force that flows through us as a fire in the wilderness, something that supports our souls and keeps us going, it must be attended to, this fire, fed new experiences and gently fanned with the breath of reverence, patience, excitement and understanding. And so much more! Happy creations to you

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    Inspiration: Where does it come from? - Blog - Daniel Colvin Fine Art
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    Inspiration: Where does it come from? - Blog - Daniel Colvin Fine Art
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    Inspiration: Where does it come from? - Blog - Daniel Colvin Fine Art
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Reader Comments (4)

checking out your blog : )
August was filled with more inspiration than I recall ever...
I enjoyed reading your post....
"the muse" does slowly melt the stone in my heart...
this idea inspires me : )

September 7, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjen(taranoel)

Hey thanks for commenting here jen! It seems that inspiration is in the air now! I appreciate your comments and good questions on my flickr sight as well. Do we see any results of your inspirations? are you an artist too?

September 9, 2007 | Registered CommenterDan Colvin

popping back here to say...i hope to share results of my inspirations more and more...i am not a trained artist, but i feel i am an artist who has not lived that part of me...not experienced enough that inspired me, not found a way to see and show this enough...i think it was a bit like having had a meager diet...and me as an artist faded, and yet the healthier I get, the more I think I can find "my voice" and start doing the things that feed me..: )

this weekend I go to a day long intensive children's illustration course as it is called by SWCBI ...

Helene introduced me to flikr and to illustration friday...and to you : )as i followed you from a comment there...

and i could look and think of how to create "better" photos all day long...plan to get photoshop is getting frustrating seeing artists working with these tools and not being able to try.. I'd love to experience the world and look, think, and then portray my unique way, and hope that that would be helpful to others...i think that anything that gets people thinking and feeling is powerful...i think art in all its forms can do that so well sometimes..I want to be part of that.: )

September 26, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjen(taranoel)

Well wrote:)

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterTeodora

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