Winter Alchemy
Friday, January 7, 2011 at 04:17PM
Dan Colvin

The hibernating Mage wanders underground now

Lost in the labyrinthine caverns of winter's grief

Each chamber like a dream recorded:

The sighing room of leather wombs,

The shimmer chambers shaped like dancing skirts

The shuttered basements where the moths flutter for the memory of the moon

And the cave of alchemy

Where he painted the sun upon the wall to remember warmth

In that place he gathered the spring blossoms come to soon

Vibrant blush upon the branches that danced

Capturing all that delicate snow

Until the bower beams shattered

Hung now like slaughtered doves

Dripping wet magic

Upon the Seeing Orbs

One for darkness and one for light

Frozen orbits of the infinite

Her silver chalice ever overflowing

Moistening the very marrow of the universe

Here he will await the true spring

Carving ancient wands from the branches

willing the shattered stones to meet with a kiss

In this secret healing place


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