The Glimmer Shore
Friday, January 21, 2011 at 05:32PM
Dan Colvin

Autumn waves wash softly now

Upon the distant shores of future bliss

O all connecting ocean

I hear you call across the infinite

And thus I lay now

In this autumn grass hollow

Where the lapping foam

Sighs in warm distance

Hiding the breeze from my skin

Fae amphitheater for the cricket song

Marais La Mer

Singing the Hypnotic symphony that unites us

Déjà vu refuge


My bones warm so nicely in the penultimate autumnal heat

Winter’s inevitable rage but a premonition now

The tortured limbs of Cedar and Spruce splay against the azure

A testimony to the once and future fury

Of Sea Witch gales

Even now, sea breeze whispers in their branches all gently asway

Thusly she enchants

The salt licked wind but a vector of her spell

Like a cythe of memory wielded so deftly––Her sacred molten art


Yea, thy foundations must be strong and built of stone

And thy broad timbers hewn from a prince of trees that fell in the tempest

Thus do I Remember the house I will build one day

And the secret grains

Hidden in the heart of all things

Joinery of the master carver’s hands

I will inscribe the ancient connections upon furrow and prow

Woven lace talisman to salvage life’s love

To protect what will one day forever be

When eternal spring’s bloom resurrects what once was so sweetly yet again

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