Solstice Sea
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 05:16PM
Dan Colvin

The pilgrim came to the shore of the infinite sea 
Feral Gardens of the mermaid's lonely song 
There he chanted the gift of reprieve 
To be sent across the ocean where the rivers merge 
At dusk he waded in 
And climbed the pinnacle of island 
In solitude he reached out to the wheeling stars 
Loving hands grasping the Goddess constellation 
Fervent madness for her forms 
Enchanting the bridge of sighs 
Memorizing the dancer's line 
For a moment he heard the laughter of ankle bells  
A patchouli breeze exhaled by the crash of wave
O Sacred Sea 
And so The Solstice passed 
And light began its flow to Summer's promise




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