New Beginings
Saturday, January 5, 2008 at 10:40AM
Dan Colvin in Digital Alchemy

So first of all happy 2008 everyone


Second: I apologize for not being very active on this blog during the last bit of 2007 as some of you may know, I have been very active on my flickr sight. So much so that I have neglected this space. I'll be updating here about once a week (that's the plan) and then you might want to see my flickr sight for the day to day activity


Where are we going?

Is it just coincidence that I have been deeply immersed in philosophical thought here at the
beginning of the new year. I did not make a conscious effort to reconsider the state of the Universe and question our directions. But that seems to have bubbled up on my mind never the less. And as usual these questions often manifest for me in a visual form and then I articulate the meaning after the fact. So its an election year, for better or for worse, and lots of people will be making 'road trips' across our nation.  I'm thinking here in broader terms, and the word nation is meant to embrace the nation of our planet, our human species.  With issues of climate change, escalating world conflict, and economic strains, I feel we are at a crossroads in many ways. We must always ask the questions on our road trip, where are we going?, have we chosen the right road? Will we try to keep the tank full or just drive until we run out? Sometimes the act of asking the questions can be more important than the answers. So I invite all of you to exercise that activity humans are notoriously bad at: thinking Long term! Ask questions not just about where your life is going, but about where your grandchildren will be going.  These answers what ever they are will be of more value than to have never asked the questions in the first place.

And then enjoy the scenery!



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