Smoke Sentinel
Monday, May 28, 2007 at 08:54PM
Dan Colvin

I worked  in the yard all day,  shaping the 1 acre bio-organic sculpture that is our garden. I don't have much energy to blog but want to share this painting with you. Somehow it's connected to the days events.


We had a glorious afternoon up here in the pacific northwest. Yesterday was rainy and today was a slow clearing of clouds until the afternoon glowed with the crystal clear sunshine that warms the heart. My girls roasted marshmallows on the burn pile and the smell of wood smoke infused the yard. When the breeze sent the smoke in certain directions it gave depth and drama to the trees and hills of the garden. I guess I'll have to do a garden gallery soon. Inspired I grabbed the camera and began shooting the girls and the garden through the veils of smoke. Can't wait to see the images. Since there old fashioned color reversal film shots, I have to wait for a trip to the lab.



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