New Floral Gallery; Green Tea Chocolate
Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 03:52PM
Dan Colvin


Green Tea Chocolate, Acrylic on 300lb watercolor paper, 22.5" x 30", 2003

I hinted at its existence two entries ago, but I should formally announce a New Floral Gallery on the painting gallery page. All these pieces were painted with very wet acrylic paints on various types of 300 lb. watercolor paper in a watercolor style.  I created the texture for the table cloth in this particular piece by scraping a wide pallet knife through a wet wash of pigment, squeezing the paint back out of the paper.  This piece has an interesting color space that elicits an exotic atmosphere. Is there such a thing as green tea chocolate? There must be. I don't think its actually green though.

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