Abundance of life; Ho River Rainforest
Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 08:27AM
Dan Colvin in Photography

So much of landscape photography has to do with life and it's complex ecological configurations.  Even the desert, which we associate with the absence of life, presents a rarified abundance for those who look closely. In my region we have the temperate Rainforest of the Olympic peninsula which gets over 200 inches of rain a year, sometimes much more. This image is from the Ho River valley in Olympic National Park



On lucky days in summer you can see it all aglow in sunlight filtered through the myriad leaves and branches of the canopy.  The magical combination of light and water in abundance, creates an environment where every niche of of the ecosystem is teaming with green life.  Here we can see the plethora of water flora. The black and white tones do not convey the myriad shades of green, emerald to bright chartreuse that fills the eye of visitor. Grasses, trees, ferns, water plants, they all thrive. Every inch of branch and limb is also covered with wispy moss and textured lichens. It is actually quite overwhelming in its complexity to the eye. This image is made up of five wide angle black and white negatives, giving a very wide angle of view; something about the size of the trees and scale of this place requires this ultra wide viewpoint to fully depict the essence of the landscape

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